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Welcome to our online store, we are a major UK based, suppliers of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal beads - Crystal Pearls - Rhinestones - Flatbacks - Sew on Stones and Crystal Buttons.

Our Swarovski crystal elements are genuine Swarovski, with the genuine quality not found on cheap fakes.

Crystal Beads LLP is a direct customer of Swarovski AG Triesen and is an approved supplier of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. We guarantee all of the Crystals we sell on this site are genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS made in Austria. If it's worth making by hand , it's worth making with genuine Swarovski elements.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Flatback Rhinestones Crystal Hot Fix
Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones or Flatback Diamantes Hotfix Art.2028
Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones or Flatback Diamantes Hotfix Art.2728
Swarovski Crystal Pearls Flatback Hotfix Art.2080
Swarovski Hotfix Flatbacks Oval Art.2200
Swarovski Hotfix Flatbacks Art.2039

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Beads and Pearls
Swarovki Crystal Beads Art. 5301
Swarovski Clear Crystal Beads Art. 5309
Swarovski Rose Crystal Beads Art.5000
Swarovski Crystal Beads Roundelle Art. 5040
Swarovski Spacer Beads Art.5305
Swarovski Crystal Beads - Art.5203 Crystal AB
Swarovski Teardrop Art. 5500
Swarovski Keystone Beads Art.5181
Swarovski Butterfly Beads Art.5754
Swarovski Helix Crystal Beads Art.5020
5600 Swarovski Crystal Cube Beads with Diagonal Hole
Swarovski Crystal Beads Art.5205
Swarovski Crystal Pearls Beads Art.5810
Swarovski Crystal Pearl Nugget Twist Art. 5826

Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3400
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3230
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3200
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3700
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3128
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3204
Swarovski Sew on Stones Crystals Art.3255

4228 XILION Navette
1028 Pointed Back
1028 Foiled, Pointed Back

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Miscellaneous Articles
Swarovski Crystals for Table Decorations
Swarovski Buttons - Crystal Buttons
Swarovski Crystal Channels
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, or Swarovski Rhinestone Roundelles spacer
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Single Stone Settings 4 Holes Closed
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Crystal claws on the back.
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, Crystal claws on the back.
Swarovski Crystaltex-It Self Adhesive Chaton Banding, Style 62030

Swarovski Crystal Pendants - Art.6100 Crystal Vitrail Light
Swarovski Crystal Channels
Swarovski Crystal Pendants Art.6202
Swarovski Zinnia Pendants Art.6902
Swarovski Crystal Pendants Art.6744
Swarovski Baroque Pendants Art.6090

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Buy a custom designed rhinestones iron-on transfer. You supply the design, we turn it into crystals ready to iron-on to your favorite clothes. Hot Fix Crystal

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