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Rhinestone Picker for Non Hot-Fix Flatbacks, Rhinestones

Rhinestone Picker make it very easy, use the Rhinestone, Picker with GEM-TAC Glue! The easiest way to pick up rhinestones & place them exactly on the what ever you wish in the right place have full control using this neat & very simple to use tool.

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Magical Picker -The magical pick is ideal for working with rhinestones, seed beads, flat back stones and other tiny jewellery components. You can even use it to clean dust from hard to reach places in beads and jewellery pieces !
- Unique tip design, clean and re- use over and over.
- Easily picks up small items gives you more control.
- Leaves NO sticky residue !

(Magic Rhinestone Sorting Tray NOT included) Please be aware when using the picker, avoid the tip rubber touching the glue or nail polish etc. Once the glue or nail polish covers the rubber, the picker may have no effect. Watch how to clean the picker rubber tip. Click Here

Pack of 1 pieces /

Rhinestone Picker, Pick up tool
1. Press the tacky end of the perfect positioner on the top side of the Rhinestone to pick it up.

Jewel Setter

Pack of 2 pieces

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Rhinestone Picker, Pick up tool

Rhinestone Picker, Pick up tool

2. Apply glue to the bottom of the Rhinestone or on the place the glue where the Rhinestone is to be set.

(in the picture we apply the glue to the bottom)

Rhinestone Picker, Pick up tool
3. Set the Rhinestone in place and use the pointed end of the other perfect positioner for any slight adjustments needed for exact positioning.

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