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swarovski Colour Chart

Emerald Crystal Beads.
Olivine Crystal beads.
Peridot Crystal Beads.
Erinite Crystal Beads.
Indicolite Crystal Beads.
Blue Zircon Crystal Beads.
 Turquoise Crystal Beads.
Light Sapphire AB Crystal Beads
Light Sapphire Crystal Beads.
Capri Crystal Beads,
Sapphire Crystal Beads.
Montana Blue Crystal Beads.
Aqua marine Crystal Beads.
Tanzanite Crystal Beasd.
Violet Crystal Beads.
Light Amethys Crystal Beads.
Amethyst AB Crystal Beads
Amethyst Crystal Beads.
Ruby Crystal Beads.
Fuchsia Crystal Beads.
Rose Crystal Beads.
Light Rose Crystal Beads.
Rose Satin Crystal Beads.
Light Siam Crystal Beads.
Siam Crystal Beads.
Garnet Crystal Beads.
White Opal Crystal Beads.
Chalk Crystal Beads.
Clear Crystal Beads.
Moonlight Crystal Beads.
Jet Crystal Beads.
Black Diamond Crystal Beads.
Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Topaz Crystal Beads. Jonquil Swarovski Crystal beads Hyacinth Crystal Beads. India red Crystal Beads.

Swarovski Pearls Colour Chart

Cream Rose Light Crystal Pearls
Cream Crystal Pearls
Cream Rose Crystal Pearls
Swarovski copper pearls
Rose Crystal Pearls
Powder Rose Crystal Pearls
Swarovski Mauve pearls
Dark Purple Crystal Pearls
Tahitian-Look Crystal Pearls
Swarovski Light Blue pearls Light Grey Crystal Pearls Swarovski Black Pearl. Swarovski Black Pearl. Swarovski Crystal Pearls Swarovski Crystal Pearls

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There are so many Swarovski crystal beads colours to show on this chart. The above colours are the main ones We use in our Jewellery. Swarovski are simply the best crystal beads, the lead crystal glass in these crystal beads has a weight and sparkle that adds an accent to any fashion, that's why we choose to use SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL in our Jewellery, you may find a col or you are not familiar with. You should use this chart as a guide to those colours. We carry many of the above colours in stock. For special requests in colours not in stock, there is an additional delay as we have to order the beads.

Please Note
The pictures of the colours for the Crystals & Pearls and Components shown on this website are to be used as a reference guide only, as variations in Computers, Monitors, Printers and internet browsers, combined with the difficulty in photographing the Crystals and Pearls etc, we cannot guarantee that the colours in the picture will look exactly the same as the actual colours of the real crystal or pearl you receive, as there are always variations in the colours when going through production this is not 100% consistent and can be different from batch to batch.

Whilst we have tried our very best to make them as true as possible. If you are unsure about colours, we suggest you purchase a samples beads.

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