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Crystal Beads
Flourite stones, Crystals Necklace - Jewellery from Crystal beads Shop.
Code NC018   
Design Crystal Necklaces
Length 40.2 cm.
Material: Swarovski Crystal beads, Flourite stones, Light violet heart, Silver chain and clasp..

Body Jewellery UK. All of our body Jewellery is personally hand made. We have many styles. For more Body jewellery please visit our Necklace, Chokers, Bracelets, Earrings, Anklets and Pendants for more choice crystal body jewellery.
Crystals Chokers Jewellery from Crystal beads UK
Code : CC005   New
Design Choker Jewellery
Length 33 + 3 cm.
Price :
Material : Swarovski Siam & Clear Crystal beads
Bracelets Jewellery from Crystal beads UK
Code : BC009   New
Design : Bracelet Jewellery
Length : 18 cm
Price :
Material : Swarovski Ametyst & Dark Sapphire Crystals.
Crystal Earrings Jewellery from Crystal beads Shop.
Code : EC010   New
Design : Earrings Jewellery
Size : 2.9 cm
Price :
Material : Swarovski Clear crystal & Siam,Rhinestone rondelles, Silver 925 Earrings
Crystals Chokers Jewellery from Crystal beads UK
Code : CC003   New
Design Chokers with pendant
Length 33 + 3 cm. Ext.
Price :
Material : Swarovski Jet, Siam Crystal beads
Pearls Wedding Jewellery set
Code : CEP001 
Design Jewellery Set
Length 34 + 3 Ext.
Price :
Material : Swarovski Pearls, Silver glass Beads.

If you are looking for Body Jewellery, here is sample range of our handcrafted Body Jewellery made from Swarovski crystal

Our handcrafted body Jewellery is all handmade & fashionable for women and also teenagers, kids, child or children. It's cool Jewellery for everyone. All of our body jewellery is personally created and designed, and you can be sure the jewellery piece you choose to buy is completely unique..

If you have seen a piece of body jewellery you like, but would like it in a different colour you can fill in the personal request form with your desired colours. Have a look at our crystal beads colour chart to give you an idea of some of the colours you have to choose from. Also please check out Necklaces, Chokers, Earrings,Jewellery Sets, Pendants designed for more body jewellery.

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