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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Flatback Rhinestones, Crystal Beads, Crystal Buttons. Available in Wholesale, Bulk Buy UK based.

Custom Design Service for Rhinestone Transfer Motifs

We are an Approved supplier of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and we also offer a Custom Design Service for Rhinestone Transfer Motifs,if you would like to have a logo or an image custom made into a heat transfer with rhinestones, please email or call 01562 754830 to discuss your requirements. We aim to provide a fast service 2 - 5 working days to complete design samples. All designs are manufactured in the UK.

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Cheaper For bulk buying wholesale prices for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS factory packets.
Flatback Rhinestones Non Hot Fix
Flatback Rhinestones HOTFIX
Sew on stones, Sew on Crystals.
Crystal and Pearl Beads
Crystal Pendants
Pointed Back Rhinestones and Fancy stones
Crystal Buttons
Crystaltex-It Self Adhesive Chaton Banding
Crystal Snap Fasteners, Press studs, Snaps Eyelets
Crystal Rose Pins
Swarovski Single Stone Settings
Beads,Rhinestones, Storage Boxes
Glue for non hot fix Rhinestones
Electric Rhinestone Applicator for HOTFIX Crystals
Hot Fix Transfer Tape
Rhinestones Picker, Magical Picker
Handmade Crystal Jewellery
Transfer Motifs made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Swarovski Crystals Nail Art

We supply a wide range of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS such as Crystal beads, Crystal Pearls, Flatback Rhinestones Non Hot Fix or Flatback Crystals Hot Fix, Sew on stones, Crystal Buttons, Pointed Back and much more. We have many shapes and colours waiting for you in retail and wholesale prices. Our Swarovski crystal elements are Genuine Swarovski, with the genuine quality not found on cheap fakes. We also offer Custom Design Transfer Motifs and Handmade Swarovski Crystal Jewellery.

Crystal Beads LLP is a direct customer of Swarovski AG Triesen and is an approved supplier of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. We guarantee all of the Crystals we offer on this site are genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS made in Austria.

Create your own jewellery, using SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystals componnete such as beads, pearls, pendants, sew on stones, pointed back, crystal buttons, or bling your nails, bling phone cases, bling shoes, or other decorative items using flatback rhinestones HOTFIX or NON HOTFIX.

The lead crystal content in these SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and beads has a weight and sparkle just like diamonds. They add an accent & beauty to any fashion outfit. They make beautiful jewellery look great and very eye -catching. You will find that your jewellery will be very shiny & sparkle like diamonds when the light reflects on theses high quality crystals and beads, and they have a wonderful quality about them. Swarovski crystals have a high lead glass crystal, the presence of the lead increases the index of refraction - a high refractive index, means it bends the light more. This internal reflection results in a sparkle as the glass is tilted, adding to its beauty. So make sure you embellish your item with Swarovski crystals. Do it yourself handmade Swarovski Jewellery.Buy Now from our online store, Free Next Delivery on orders over £75 exc. vat

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